What Clients are saying

Katja Tamara

Personal Stylist

As a personal stylist, it is such a pleasure to work with Rali! We work toward the same goals: we help women to leverage style and design to look and feel like their very best version of themselves! Rali does it all with the most excellent personal service. I have total confidence in handing my clients off to RaliCouture.

Michael Jay

Devoted husband of 30 years.

I was incredibly nervous about getting my wifes anniversary ring just right. Rali was incredible. She worked with me to assess my wife's style and create a few options for me to choose from. She kept me on-budget, and in the end, my wife thinks I'm a genius who understands her! I'll never go to another jeweler!.

Jen G.

You don't have to have all the money to wear sparkles- Rali works with in your budget to get you what you want- and what looks best on you! And a girls best friend is one that is honest with you -she will always tell you what looks good and fits YOU! And, if she doesn't have it, she'll find it.

Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

Global Businesswoman & Entrepreneur

"Time can feel like a luxury. It is easy to forget how precious it is. As an entrepreneur and mom, time often feels like the thing I need the most, but have the least. My "Time" medallion truly does remind me to shift gears,slow down, and be in the present moment."

Trina Van Pelt

Corporate VP

"Rali's designs are amazing - I find her work creative and inspiring. The Monetti collection is so thoughtfully designed to help you find the right piece to match you, personally.

I love the way I can mix/match them with other pieces in a way that makes me feel fresh and modern."


Technology Attorney

"I've been trusting RaliCouture for over 15 years, yet her new designs continue to surprise and delight me. Her pieces feel timeless, which gives me the confidence to invest knowing that I'm collecting generational pieces that are equally chic and elegant.

Monetti fits my style and inspires me to dress around my favorite pieces. I've helped my teen and pre-teen daughters to start building their jewelry foundations starting with Monetti pieces that truly speak to us all!"

Stephanie Zeppa

Law Firm Partner

"Rali Couture’s Cosmos was the perfect way to help me celebrate my children; they are the brightest stars in my universe.

These stunning medallions always help me make a statement about what's most important to me, wherever I go, however, I'm styled!"