Rali Manolov travels the fashion capitals of the world in search of fresh expressions of beauty.  Her aptitude for personally curating designs on behalf of her clients is what has earned her a respected and loyal following. RaliCouture is your "Concierge Jeweler"; meeting, sourcing, designing and delivering on demand at her clients convenience. 
A New Business Model: After 20 years of working in a store-front boutique, Rali knew that it was time to evolve. She understood what most of her competitors are still struggling to accept; The traditional storefront model actually hinders "great service" as we now define it. Like so many other industries, it's time to retire the dusty-inventory and lean-in to offering on-demand service.
1. Connect With Rali: Via email, text, DM or phone.
2. Rali Makes Magic: She'll either curate a selection for you, hunt down exactly what you're looking for, or render designs based on your specific criteria.
3. Meet to Select: Your meeting can be anywhere; from her studio in San Francisco, to your home or via a digital meeting! Make your selection or ask Rali to refine the search for another round. 
4. Deliver: Enjoy next-day shipping or hand-delivery!
A true match-maker: Rali thrives on making sure it's a "love-connection". Far more interested in developing lasting relationships, Rali isn't happy until you're ecstatic.

Everybody Wins: RaliCouture has a way of turning boyfriends into husbands and husbands into heroes. Having Rali as your personal jeweler is like having a genie in your back pocket!  Marriages improve and celebrations sparkle. Go ahead, text her 2 days before, or the morning of...chances are that she'll save the day while adding thoughtful depth to the occasion. 


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Experience the difference that a concierge jewelry service can make for you.