Gold & linen - Relax with panache!

How my latest brand-crush helped me turn a mini-getaway into my best vacation of the year!

Autumn is known as the "gathering-season," and it's a great opportunity for a weekend away to soak up what's left of the summer rays. This month, I'm sharing my latest personal tip to help you maximize your autumn get-away! 

Recently, I rounded up my squad and headed to the Cazadero mountains for some settled-in days of ultra-relaxation. 

Let's be honest, though - the inherent risk of a "loungy vacay" is the tendency to over-lounge... into "meh."  Not this time! Armed with my jewelry essentials, I also brought some apparel essentials from Rough Linen, a lovely local brand that's women-owned, lounge-worthy, and totally luxe (unlike sweats or yoga pants!)

PSA: When you elevate yourself, you uplift everyone around you!

Linen is simply the best. I transitioned from one breathable outfit to another throughout the day, feeling completely relaxed and totally elegant. The Monetti Collection anchored and brightened every look. 

So, book yourself that local getaway, bring your standby jewelry and don't pack your sweats. Opt for the timeless combo of gold and linen and enjoy the moments fully. 


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