Considering a Holiday Proposal? Let's Go!

Are the Holiday's the Right Time to Pop the Q!?

If you're considering a Holiday proposal, allow me to share what I've gleaned after 20 years of purveying engagement stories...the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

All aimed at helping you move forward with heart and style:  the following are my FAQ's of Holiday Proposals.

Q. Are the Holidays a good time to get engaged? 

A. Absolutely! Hearts are happy and hopeful, lights are twinkling and family is often near to share in the excitement! 

Q. Will our special occasion just get lost in the holiday hustle? 

A. NO! This occasion is truly for the two of you! This is one of those times in life when the world seems to slow down as your perspective shifts away from the crazy world out there, to the new possibilities that are coming into light between the two of you.

Q. Should you propose in front of family and friends?

A. Dear, NO! There aren't many moments more personal than this one. Give yourselves the freedom to experience unexpected emotions by keeping it between you. And, even if you're sure it'll be a "Yes!", setting a stage in front of others waxes a tad presumptuous, which is never a good look in love.

Q. How do I prepare for the engagement? 

A. Don't over-prepare! The most successful proposals are always the ones that are truly a surprise! You're not marrying a dummy, she knows you! If you're asking questions and making out-of-the-ordinary plans...she's going to become suspicious! Avoid cliché approaches and over-the-top gestures. Instead, find a way to tie the proposal into something personal that you already love doing together. A trip to the coast? A weekend hike? Do you regular a restaurant that's her favorite? Do you ski, boat, bike? These are all wonderful times to lead-into pulling-off a surprise that is personal, meaningful, and unforgettable. 

Q. Should I present the ring in or out-of-the-box?

A. You've invested in the perfect Engagement Ring; Don't become a statistic! Keep that gorgeous diamond safely nestled IN the box. Besides security, allowing her to experience the excitement of the reveal is a gift onto itself. Let her have it all, the surprise, the anticipation, and the excitement of the reveal. You get to see it all through her eyes. 


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