Building a Jewelry Wardrobe; 6 pieces that can change the course of your life.

Building a Jewelry Wardrobe; 6 pieces that can change the course of your life.

October 03, 2019

Building your Jewelry Wardrobe: The 6 basics that every woman can use to level-up the course of her life.


A personal collection of jewelry that levels up to what you aim to accomplish is a critically important component of your life-plan. Choosing to style yourself is about representing yourself to the world. And, it matters.

Here's the rub: Your jewelry (or lack of) is telling a story about YOU, whether you like it or not.

But, how do you up-level strategically without becoming frivolous? 

What follows is my fool-proof method for making sure that you’re building a jewelry collection that’s on-track to have-your-back for your entire life's journey:

A. Value Yourself. When you value yourself, you're not afraid to step out into the world as your most vibrant self. 

B. Reward yourself. Yes, it’s that simple. REWARD yourself. And the universe will rally behind you.

Here's a scenario of how Valuing & Rewarding Yourself can serve you, and ultimately, serve the world: 

You've just graduated from college and landed your first job. Congrats!

  1. At the 3 month mark, you invest in a decollete necklace that you love and wear every-day as a golden reminder of where you're headed. 
  2. At the one year mark? A pair of reliably elegant studs that are nicer than anything you’ve owned before. 
  3. Next, an everyday statement ring that will become part of your style signature. 
  4. After that, an everyday bracelet

By now, it will have become obvious to those who work with you that you value yourself. They can tell by the way you stand, the clothes you wear, and the elegant vibe you exude every day.

They begin to assume that you must know something they don’t and they start asking for your advice. Hence, you begin to stand out as a leader.

So when that promotion comes (which it will) you invest in:

      5. A substantial pair of 18k hoops...and they get noticed. By now, people are used to you looking polished, and they have come to expect the best from you because of it.

      6. Next, you add a long, flexible chain to your collection. And voilà, you’re layering! 

Not too much, just enough to be subtly noticed by those who pay attention to the details.And people DO pay attention to details. In fact, it’s the people who pay attention to details who tend to go the farthest in life. 

And just like that...your jewelry wardrobe has helped your good work get noticed all along the way, and leveling up has become just a natural progression of you growing into who you were always meant to be. 

Ready to start or expand your jewelry wardrobe? I'm here to support you. 

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