The Evergreen Truth: "When you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you look good!"

Yes, jewelry has an effect on how we are perceived by others, but the reason goes deeper than the jewelry. Jewelry changes the way we perceive ourselves. And the way we perceive ourselves is what we (then) project. 


While planning a fun collab (coming soon) with the ever-lovely *Katja Tamara O'brien, this observation boiled up: "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good!"

My best approach to curing a personal slump is to get dressed. And NOT in my sweats; I mean get dresssssed! When we project the feeling of “success” onto ourselves, we get back on track to being the person we're working to be. Looking good is one thing, but how that makes us feel is where the truest beauty really is.

The science of feeling good is real! Those times when we feel fabulous, are the times that we're actually primed to perform as our highest self. Our most successful days are when we show up with our highest level of confidence and dignity. When we know who we are, and we simply allow ourselves shine

And there's no shame in shining! When we show up brilliantly, we illuminate everyone around us and silently empower them to show up brilliantly as well! 

So get out there and radiate today! And if you need a little support in finding your best glow, I’m here with an arsenal of gorgeous support guaranteed to lift your spirits and help you gleam! 

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*learn about the effervescent Katja Tamara O'brien and the joyful and amazing work that she does here


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